On our last day, we drove from Scottsdale back to San Marcos via I10. We had high cross winds all the way to Palm Springs (270 miles). I had a great upper body workout.

Thanks to all of you that originally followed our trip on Facebook. Thanks for your likes and comments. I didn’t know where I would go with the travelogue, but your response kept me motivated.

I have to thank Judy for keeping the idea of making this trip alive in our minds. We have taken fall road trips for many of the past years and discussed it early in the summer. Although I definitely wanted to go, the idea of doing it in the pandemic seemed insurmountable. Early on she set a date we would leave - the day after we got our mail-in ballots, which was Oct 5. I projected all my concern about the pandemic and upcoming election onto the trip, imagining all the things that could go wrong. And one of them did!! Vehicle problems.

Our trip was great despite the mechanical difficulties. It felt so good to get out after being so cooped up for so long. Driving the average of 220 miles a day was therapeutic, since we were always moving instead of staying put. We were, of course, concerned about Covid everywhere we went, but followed recommended protocols all the time (although, many times I would leave the van to go into somewhere and realize I forgot the mask and had to go back.)

Driving through the sparsely populated sections of the country always gives me an appreciation of just how large this country is and how the residents of those places can feel so disconnected to our government in Washington. Living there can give one an unrealistic sense of independence from the country as a whole.

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