The Unexpected Adventure

In 2017, Judy and I decided to join my college friend, Neil Newman and his wife, Phyllis,  with a group of their friends on a trip to Israel and Jordan in April 2018.  The trip was going to be organized by Overseas Adventure Travel.  Neil and Phyllis had traveled extensively with OAT and were very positive about their travels.  Neil also told us they were planning a trip to Egypt in March 2019.

While Judy and I were interested in the Egypt trip, we were hesitant to commit to it until the Israel/Jordan trip.  We wanted to see if OAT lived up to our expectations.  We were very pleased with the Israel/Jordan trip and told Neil we were interested in Egypt in May 2018.  But we were too late.  It was already full.  We told Neil that if anyone canceled to let us know.

On Feb 20, 2019, less than three weeks before the trip to Egypt, Neil calls and tells us a couple had to cancel after one of them was injured.  Are we interested in going?  We think about it for a day.  Our passports are current and we have everything we need, since we were in the Middle East a year earlier at the same time of year.  We look at each other and say "Why not?  We're not getting any younger."

We tell Neil yes and hastily make air travel plans.  Overnighter from San Diego to Heathrow with a long layover and then direct to Cairo.  We arrived in the early morning hours.  The highways were empty.  Our helper from OAT tells us that while there are lane markings, they are merely suggestions.  We will see cars wandering all over the place.

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