In Queretaro, there is an aqueduct dating back to the 1700's. We discovered an astonishing installation of sculptures in some of the arches of the aqueduct. When we got back home I tried to find out more about them. But neither the web sites of the artist, Fernando Andriacci nor the local Secretary of Culture and any information or any decent photos of them. So, I offer them here for your appreciation.

They were located in places with very unappealing and distracting backgrounds. I extracted the sculptures and replaced the distraction with a neutral background. While you lose any sense of scale (they are up to more than 3 meters tall and 4 meters wide) you can appreciate them much more easily.

For all of the sculptures other than "Horse", I have an image of the label on the sculpture. Unfortunately, I did not plan this in advance, otherwise, I would have zoomed in on it for a much better image. They are blurry, but I include them for general interest.

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